By Kyle Buis

LAS VEGAS (CBS13) — One night, when a group of college students somewhere in America got tired of drinking just to drink, a red Solo cup left on a table tennis table birthed the sport of Beer Pong.

Over the years, the spectacle I guess we’re going to call a sport, because it has its own league, has blossomed to the point where it even has its own World Series, which wrapped up on Monday. Yes, someone just walked home with $50,000 by playing beer pong.

But before you jump on beer pong thinking it’s going to be the way to take what you learned in college and pay off your college debt, know that you may be replaced by a robot someday.

The demonstration video above from Empire Robotics shows off Versaball—they refer to it in all caps, but I think it’s just as terrifying in normal sentence case—and its ability to wipe the floor with anyone who dares challenge it.

What’s not clear is how strong the robot’s liver is. But with its intoxicating accuracy, it’s clear that college students will have to make up another way to get drunk on a Thursday night.

Versaball is welcoming all challengers at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.


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