Precious Barnes is a business and human resources management professional, a real estate consultant licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate, and a vision from her heart. Barnes put her B.S in Business Administration and Human Resources, and Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from California State University East Bay (CSU) to work to organize and empower people.

(Photo Courtesy of Precious Barnes)

(Photo Courtesy of Precious Barnes)

Why did you decide to go into business management and how has this allowed you to advance your own ideas about the type of world you would like to live in?

“My Mother! I was unsure of my major, and wanted to own my own business. She recommended majoring in business, because then, I could become either a W-2 employee or 1099 subcontractor.”

“Real estate consulting is a hobby, you can work for yourself. I have lots of small business friends and I refer business to them. I get really excited when I talk with small business owners and always try to help them succeed.”

Like her mother, Barnes is dedicated to the community in which her mother lived. However, she expanded her circle of influence beyond school and church to become a significant player in public policy.

Barnes took on the project of congressional operations coordinator for the 2014 congressional races within the California Democratic Party (CDP). Noting the shortage of people of color and of women in public office, she inspired hundreds of volunteers to find their voices by registering people to vote and getting them involved in the political process to make a difference.

Those people she registered did make a difference. Per the CDP, “In a repeat of 2010, California Democrats swept all statewide offices this year and helped pass the most significant criminal justice reform measures in decades with Proposition 47.”

Whether running her own business or working in the community, Barnes says, “Never give up. It’s always darkest before the dawn.  Use social media. Network with all types of people, groups, clubs, industries. Have patience. Be open to diverse positions. Have a plan A-Z.”

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