SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Cal Fire is asking for help in piecing together how a suspicious fire started at the governor’s mansion.

Far from the flashing camera lights of the governor’s re-election victory party in November, state arson and bomb investigators are now the ones taking photos at the governor’s mansion, and sharing them, after a suspicious fire over the weekend.

“After the fire investigators found three canisters, two butane and one propane, small canisters had exploded,” said Cal Fire spokesman Daniel Berlant.

Cal Fire released three photos of the suspicious fire. One shows a bird’s-eye view of the mansion and location of the fire near the carriage house. Another shows a small cart near the carriage house that was destroyed, and another shows an exploded butane canister.

The mansion was closed and there were no employees here when the fire broke out.

Access inside the gates would be as easy as hopping a fence. And Berlant was not aware of any surveillance cameras that captured how the fire started Ironically, the arson investigation comes while the state parks department installs new fire extinguishers at the mansion as part of a $2.5 million renovation.


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