SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Backyard chickens in California could end up causing a worldwide poultry problem because of what their owners aren’t doing to slow the spread of bird flu.

This particular strain of bird flu can quickly kill off an entire chicken coop if owners don’t take proper precautions.

Rich Casias of Davis loves the organic eggs from his backyard chickens every morning. But with a confirmed case of bird flu now in Yolo County, his hens are at risk.

UC Davis veterinarian Maurice Pitesky wants all backyard chicken owners to keep their chickens isolated and away from other wild birds or rodents.

“Once it got a foothold in the backyard poultry, it could spread from backyard to backyard to backyard,” he said.

So far, none of California’s commercial chicken farms have been infected, but the scare has already prompted some countries to ban U.S. chicken exports.

Other cases of the strain have been found in Butte County as well as Oregon and Washington.


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