ELK GROVE (CBS13) – What is now an empty parcel of land in Elk Grove could soon become a game changer for soccer in the area.

“You look at that and you go wow, that’s the vision we’ve been talking about and now to have this come true,” said Elk Grove City Councilman Steve Detrick.

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New renderings the City of Elk Grove is releasing show what it could become –a sparkling, $100 million new soccer complex.

It’s a grand vision, dreamed up by Elk Grove city leaders, of tournament and practice fields, a stadium and events venue.

“It could be multi-use. [We could] have concerts there, graduations for the high schools,” Detrick said.

But just how the city will pay for the complex is unclear.

One of the options include asking voters to approve bonds

“Well you can do a public/private partnership, if you were to have a relationship with a major league franchise where they build the stadium, we provide the land,” Detrick said.

Elk Grove residents we spoke to say they’re on board with the project.

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“It’s going to be really fun over there because I get to show off my skills in front of other people, too. It’s going to be really awesome,” said soccer player Adrian Gutierrez.

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“I think it’s not only going to benefit kids and the program. I think it’s also going to benefit the community,” said parent Lorena Gutierrez.

The success of Sacramento Republic FC proves that investing in soccer can pay off. The region has the fan base, and according to Detrick, Elk Grove has the need for it.

“We don’t have proportional fields to accommodate practice, games, tournaments, all at the same time,” Detrick said.

Detrick says building the sports complex will allow that and more –and having tournaments in the area will be a goal, economically.

“That’s a phenomenal amount of income coming in your city,” Detrick said.

“I know we do pay to join those tournaments so why not keep it local? Like we say ‘shop Elk Grove,’ let’s have it local,” Lorena Gutierrez

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Elk Grove city council members will be meeting on Wednesday. They plan on discussing the project and coming up with a recommended plan of action.