Aaron Watkins is the president of Appency: the first “full service app marketing agency” in the country, which is dedicated to promoting mobile apps (iPhone, Android, etc.) and is headquartered in Sacramento. “Most of our clients actually come to us, and I do all the business development. Our clients are mainly in the United States, Germany and Australia, but have others around the world.

(Photo Courtesy of Aaron Watkins)

(Photo Courtesy of Aaron Watkins)

Watkins earned his degree in physiology and neuroscience from UCSD, but after the biology research job at a hospital he had been offered was retracted due to layoffs, desperation led him to intern at a company his friend was working at 10 years ago.

“That firm happened to be one of the first mobile marketing agencies, and from the very beginning I was fascinated about the potential of having a computer that fit in your pocket and could be with you everywhere you were. Since starting in the mobile space, I have seen it explode, and the difference between what we can do now with a phone and what we could do 10 years ago is hard to even imagine.”

“The mobile app industry requires professional marketing strategists to develop business for the apps coders write. Appency has dedicated itself to solving this problem. We understand the uniqueness of the mobile space, and how to work within what is a rapidly changing ecosystem where it is not enough to just simply have a great idea. Given over a million apps in each of the major app stores, and thousands more being added each and every day, brands and developers need to know how to connect their products to their target consumers.”

“Working in the mobile space started out as a mere fluke that turned into what has been a great career so far. One of the biggest leaps in that was the mainstreaming of apps and what Apple brought to the ecosystem. It’s not that mobile software wasn’t available before, but Apple made it simple on a global scale both on the developer’s and the consumer’s sides. I knew I wanted to be a part of it.”

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