Rowena Bonzon is an occupational therapist (OT) in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM & R) Department at the UC Davis Medical Center (UCDMC). “As an OT, I work with infants, children, adults and the elderly population. I focus on self-care and cognitive retraining, upper extremity injuries, functional mobility, strengthening and overall safety awareness, with the hope of returning a patient to his or her prior level of function.”

(Photo Courtesy of Rowena Bonzon)

(Photo Courtesy of Rowena Bonzon)

“There was one little girl who suffered from a brain injury. She would always be ready for the day, and would say my first name, but only when I gave her hints. She had the cutest smile and giggled. She continued to make progress each and every day, until she was able to make conversation and say my name without me asking her to. She left the hospital walking, moving her arm on her own and dressing herself. But what made me so happy, was when I saw her family members tear with happiness at the end, rather than holding their tears like they did at the beginning to stay strong for her.”

Bonzon refers to UC Davis Medical Center as a “large teaching hospital, where there are many people to work with from varying disciplines that work together as a team. If I am challenged with a patient issue, I know that not only my past education and experiences can help me, but that I can also use the other resources available to me for help.”

Her path began with an internship with the Sacramento Regional Occupational Program in high school. Afterwards, she attended San Jose State University Bachelor of Science OT program, where she could remain close to her family in the bay area.

Upon graduation Bonzon worked at a number of facilities including part of an acute hospital staff and in several skilled nursing facilities before taking a position at UC Davis Medical Center, where she has now worked as an OT for the past eight years primarily in Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Trauma and Medical Surgical units.

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