SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A middle-school student has been arrested after allegedly bringing pot-laced brownies to school that sent a student to the hospital.

Students CBS13 spoke to say it started on Wednesday when the suspect posted a photo on Snapchat showing a bowl filled with pot and a brownie mix next to it. The next day, she showed up at school with the brownies.

They said the Sam Brannan Middle School student passed the brownies on to three of the girl’s friends, then to other students. Soon, students began getting sick.

“Getting drowsy or getting really tired and drooling in class,” one student said.

“Later in the day people started throwing up,” another said.

Once the school learned about the brownies, police were called. Officers tracked down the suspected supplier, an eighth-grader, and arrested her for two misdemeanors and a felony—illegal possession of marijuana on school grounds by a minor, unlawful sales of marijuana and child endangerment.

The school district says about 10 students at the brownies. One student was taken to the hospital and later released.

The school district released a statement saying it has started an investigation and that disciplinary action is underway for those involved.

Police say they believe the parents had no idea their daughter was planning to do this and were not involved. The girl was taken to juvenile hall to face charges.

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