ELK GROVE (CBS13) – Lisa Loopesko, owner of JillieJacks in old Elk Grove, is sprucing up her boutique specifically for the animal lover.

“I’m selling ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ apparel and the proceeds of that apparel will be donated to the Front Street Animal Shelter,” Loopesko said.

This “Adopt, Don’t Shop”-line of merchandise is the first thing you see when you walk through the door. It’s Lisa’s way of giving back after losing her dog Jillie over the holidays.

“Jillie was in a situation where she needed emergency surgery. She had cancer and so I, too, want to help animals at the shelter who may need emergency surgery,” Loopesko said.

So many of the animals need more than the general care the shelter provides.

“There’s situations where dogs come in with broken legs or heartworm, all which need treatment,” said Bobby Mann from the Front Street Animal Shelter.

So now, together, Lisa and the shelter are spreading a “trend” of awareness – with the help of a local designer spoofing high end labels.

The idea is to change the perception and remind people that shelter animals aren’t throw away animals.

“Shelter animals, just like this designer dog Louis, can be just as cool as the mainstream brands are,” Mann said.

Lisa hopes this trend catches on, a personal connection she’s hoping will make a big difference for the shelter.

“This is just my way of continuing Jillies’ memory and know now that’s he can help other animals,” Loopesko said.

For more info on the kind of clothing available, check out JillieJack’s webiste: http://jilliejacks.com/


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