Officer Obed Magny has been a police officer with the Sacramento Police Department for nine years now, having spent just under one year on assignment to the Professional Standards Unit (PSU).

(Photo Courtesy of Officer Obed Magny)

(Photo Courtesy of Officer Obed Magny)

“The focus of PSU, Magny says, “is to ensure the Sacramento Police Department’s professionalism in every aspect of its service to the community. PSU creates and revises department policies so they are current and consistent with the ever-changing world around us.”

Magny’s bachelor’s degrees in both Criminal Justice and Sociology from the University of Massachusetts, Boston ranked him a competitive candidate. “I believe my major in two subjects gave me multiple perspectives related to law enforcement, and thus, helped me in the application process.”

But Officer Magny also continued his education having earned an M.S. in Science in Emergency Services Administration from California State University, Long Beach, and a doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of La Verne.

Magny says work as a doctoral student taught him how to conduct formal research and with the best practices related to leadership and job satisfaction. Having a terminal degree has played a significant role in helping me get into the PSU. Because of my expertise in leadership, job satisfaction, motivation, and Emotional Intelligence, I bring a more global perspective to the table.”

Magny’s thoughts on being  successful in this field, are that “the most important thing to remember is HOW you relate to people. If you think having a badge makes you big and tough, YOU’RE WRONG! Treating people with respect will get you much further in this career. In fact, you will find officers who treat community members with respect, rarely generate citizen complaints.”

“If you’re thinking about a career in law enforcement, live your life in accordance with the ethics and responsibilities of the field. I’d encourage anyone, regardless of his or her educational background, who cares about people and wants to help the community, consider a career in one of the many areas of law enforcement.”

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