Brandon Anderson is the division manager for Destinations Mobility, a division of its parent company, Paratransit Inc. a 501(c) non-profit that sells affordable wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobility equipment over on Florin Road in Sacramento. Destinations Mobility’s mission is to provide safe, affordable wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobility equipment to physically challenged individuals. Their vision is to become the preferred mobility dealer on the West Coast by providing a business model that serves the local disabled community so that every person can maintain their independence.

(Photo Courtesy of Brandon Anderson)

(Photo Courtesy of Brandon Anderson)

What inspired Anderson to enter this field? “Destinations Mobility has a higher goal of providing affordable vehicle options to people in need. I was excited about the opportunity to be able to apply my business knowledge to a non-profit company that invests in the local disabled community. I always envisioned starting my own business and I have been with this company almost since its conception back in 2012. I feel that the success or failure of this company lies in my hands, and that is both incredibly stressful and exciting.”

Anderson grew up in Folsom and received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and minor in communications from the California State University of Sacramento. “I believe that my education background has been critical in guiding me to my present position. I have been in management positions with various companies and without my degree focus in general management, I don’t believe I would have the proper tools to manage people and critical elements of a business.”

To be successful in a “needs” industry Anderson points out, “what really separates you from someone else is how you treat your customer. If a person needs the product you sell and there are other competitors selling similar products, what makes you different? Treat your customers with respect. Be prepared to work very hard. Customers won’t just show up at your door step the first day you open. Make sure you have enough financial support to operate your business for about five years because it takes a long time to build a customer base that can sustain your business.”

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