Dorothy Knable, once Sacramento’s CA Clean Money Campaign representative of four years, is upbeat whenever the topic of clean elections arises in conversation. Though no longer the campaign’s area coordinator, she still avidly studies and advocates for the issues around money and elections.

“The 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision is a scourge! 75 percent of people disapprove of its tenets, which say corporations are people and money is free speech,” Knable says, “And Trent Lange, CCMC’s President, points out that the Kochs have promised to spend ‘more than either party has ever spent in an election!’ – $889 million – undisclosed! People are upset,” says Knable, “and I need to keep helping.”

She read, in Thom Hartmann’s book, “The Crash of 2016,” that the “Royalists” once again have the power they manage to attain “every 80 years,” when survivors have died off, and the crisis and war of their last ascendancy is forgotten.

Dorothy began her career as an English literature student at the University of Pennsylvania “when the stormy ‘60s turned into the resolute ‘70s. Back then,” she says, “Like a Rolling Stone, R-E-S-P-E-C-T and Imagine thrilled us; and by graduation – the environmental, civil rights, and anti-war marches were becoming tide-turning laws.”

Her quest for a better society led Knable to a Master of Science in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of Arizona, Tucson in the late 70’s; she helped injured clients adjust to their “wrecked” lives. This intensely shy boomer “learned to stand up to doctors and insurance companies if they made her clients’ lives miserable.”

Later, when she too got injured, Knable created her own business, “News Media Contacting Service” to set restful hours. Despite pain, by 1990, she received a second Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from our “Sac State” and a Freedom of Speech Essay Award.

Knable encourages others daily to shake-up society with their speech.

She says the campaign for The CA Disclose Act is more alive than ever as people are learning the connection between who is really paying for California propositions’ political ads and what the secret donors want the Propositions to do.

Karen Hansen M.S. Earth Sciences, has been an educator and consultant who is currently an analyst regarding land and other public information records. She lives and works in Sacramento, CA. She has been writing about earth and the environmental sciences for since May of 2010. Find her work in several sections of the publication. You can find her work at SF Solar Energy Examiner, SF Environmental News Examiner and Environmental News Examiner 


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