By Ian Schwartz

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The recent rains and warm weather have them out for blood. Mosquitoes are bringing their bite out early.

Joel Buettner with the Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District says they’ve been getting double the calls they normally would this time of the year about the blood-suckers.

“Insects slow down when it’s colder, and they speed up when it’s warmer. And since we’ve been having warmer weather, we’re seeing a lot more activity,” he said.

Buettner says the mosquitoes that have been bugging you shouldn’t cause too much concern for disease.

“The ones that we’re seeing now are most likely anopheles type mosquito, and they don’t carry West Nile. So the public health threat is much reduced in the winter time,” he said.

Does the early showing mean more mosquitoes for spring and summer? He says it’s hard to tell and it depends on how much rain comes later.

The best advice he says is to to what you’d normally do to keep the pests from digging in.

“Fixing the screens, keeping the doors closed, wearing long clothes, wearing repellent,” he said.


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