ELVERTA (CBS13) – Debbie Courtney is frustrated because she says she keeps getting letters from two book clubs she says she canceled. She says Double Day Book Club and the Literary Guild keep sending notices saying they plan to send more books, “unless we receive other instruction”.

“It’s just frustrating,” Courtney says. “I don’t want to keep sending two of these back every three weeks for the rest of my life.”

The companies share the same call center. She says both clubs confirmed her cancelation over the summer, but says the letters won’t stop.

“Now I have regrets of joining the club because I can’t seem to unjoin,” she said.

We found similar complaints online. Someone in Illinois who says she kept getting Double Day flyers after canceling wrote, “As I can see it, they are trying to get me to pay into a program which I no longer want anything to do with.”

Someone in New York wrote, “I have tried in vain to cancel my (Literary Guild) membership but they keep sending me the monthly flyer.”

We wanted to know what happens if you don’t respond and they send you books?

“Businesses can not send unsolicited products to consumers,” said Consumer Attorney Stuart Talley.

If they do, he says it’s considered a gift.

“The law is very clear. If they send you something you didn’t ask for you don’t have to pay for it,” he said.

We reached out to the book clubs, but never heard back. However, Debbie says the letters have since stopped.
She now plans to get her books a different way.

“The library, bookstore, or exchange with friends,” she said.

A national class action lawsuit has been filed against these book clubs. If you’re tired of junk mail, there are a couple do not mail lists online.


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