By Cambi Brown

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Red Cross is teaching students about emergency preparedness by letting them decorate pillowcases.

The Red Cross visited Allie Lehrer’s class to teach the students about being ready in an emergency.

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“I’m drawing a flashlight and my two dogs Georgie and Sophie,” she said.

The idea of decorating a pillowcase started during Hurricane Katrina when Red Cross volunteers saw people carrying their pillowcases filled with items they escaped with.

“It’s a new approach,” said Jordan Scott with the Red Cross. “This is a fun way to really engage kids.”

Students first learned what goes into an emergency preparedness kit and then get the chance to decorate their own pillowcase.

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“To put stuff in to use in an emergency to use in disasters,” said Lehrer.

The Red Cross knows adults have heard the spiel about being ready in case of an emergency, so they are targeting kids between the third and fifth grade.

“A lot of us tune out unless something happens, but our kids come home with new info and are learning something new every day,” Scott said.

The hope is the kids will come home and educate their family.

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“Getting the information into the classroom, so the students feel empowered in helping their families,” Scott said.