ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Nearly two years after a Roseville woman mysteriously disappeared, police still don’t have any idea where she may be.

The case has sparked renewed interested from many CBS13 viewers wondering what happened to Susan Jacobson.

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The fountains leading into the Sun City Roseville neighborhood flow in welcoming fashion to those who enter the well-kept community.

But the truth about one of its residents still swims in secrecy nearly two years after her sudden disappearance.

She was last seen by her husband Chris who told investigators and CBS13 at the time that Jacobson—a shy, petite 59-year-old stay-at-home wife—left their home early that Wednesday morning to go run errands.

Her first, and only stop, would be a Raley’s Supermarket on the corner of Pleasant Grove Boulevard and Woodcreek Oaks less than a mile from her home. She would never return.

Susan’s car was found unlocked in a parking space far from the Raley’s front entrance. Her wallet was turned in by a good Samaritan, empty. Surveillance video gave no clues and detectives had no leads.

In the days that followed, several ground searches in the area made up of police, search dogs, family and volunteers produced nothing.

Investigators wondered about Susan’s private life—if she was depressed or despondent, or could she have simply wanted to leave on her own.

Her husband of more than 35 years who spoke to CBS13 just days after her disappearance in May 2013 agreed to speak to us again just last week around the time of what would have been their 37th anniversary.

“She would not just run off and have no contact with anybody,” he said.

Add the fact that Jacobson was about to become a first-time grandmother, and the mystery becomes even more puzzling. That child is now more than a year old.

Nearly two years after the case first opened, Roseville Police spokeswoman Dee Dee Gunther says they can’t close the book on any possible scenarios.

“I think this is about as baffling a local case I’ve heard about,” she said. “Absolutely nothing has been ruled in or out.”

Including the possible involvement of her husband.

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“I’ve read and the stuff they told me and everything—the husband is 90 percent of the time the party they look at, and so I know they’re gonna look real hard at that, and I believe they’ve looked very hard at that but there’s nothing there,” Chris Jacobson said.

“The family, including the husband, have always been very cooperative with us,” Gunther said. “They allowed us to search their house–everything detectives have asked they’ve done.”

Well, not everything.

“They did not have me take a lie detector test,” Chris Jacobson said. “They asked me to. My attorney said that would not prove beneficial for anything.”

Both legal experts and law enforcement sources CBS13 spoke to say it’s not unusual for a person being looked at to refuse to take a lie detector test. The results can be unreliable and are not admissible in court. But investigators can use it to point them in a different direction.

Chris Jacobson says he was simply following the advice of his attorney.

“Sometimes stuff comes back as inconclusive, sometimes it’s easy to read,” he said. “Like I said I talked it over with my attorney and he suggested to pass on it.”

He denies any involvement in his wife’s disappearance.

“I didn’t have anything to do with it,” he said. “I’m still trying to search why it happened and exactly how it happened.”

Roseville Police have an open door for anyone who might know anything about whatever happened to Susan Jacobson. There is still one detective assigned to the case. She’s not working it full-time, but it’s always at the top of mind.

“Any time she gets a report of a Jane Doe in a hospital, she follows up on that,” Gunther said. “Anytime an unidentified body shows up she follows up on that.”

Jacobson’s husband says he’s not only lost his wife, he’s lost hope she’ll ever return.

“At this point, after this length of time, I don’t think she’ll be found alive,” he said.

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Detectives are hoping this update will jog someone’s memory after nearly two years.