DAVIS (CBS13) — The parents of a girl with autism are suing two school districts, saying she was molested by her bus driver.

Emily and William Gutierrez have filed suit along with the Davis and Woodland Unified school districts, along with the bus driver. CBS13 is not identifying the driver since he has not been criminally charged.

The parents say the bus driver abused their daughter multiple times, and the school districts failed to check the bus video, which shows the alleged abuse.

The parents say they’re still reeling from the incidents which happened in 2010.

“She had told me that she had an owie and she pointed to her private area and that’s pretty much all she could tell me was that she had an owie,” Emily Gutierrez said.

The girl went to a Davis school, which contracts bussing from Woodland.

The districts say they referred the matter to police back in 2010. The driver resigned his position shortly after an investigation began.


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