By Nick Janes

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Some joggers in Roseville may think twice about pounding the pavement after a woman was attacked while she was out running early Wednesday morning.

Now these Roseville moms are on a mission, not just to stay in shape.

“You know what? Don’t mess with us. That’s it, just don’t mess with us,” said Laura Herman.

Their strong message is meant for the man who snuck up and jumped a jogger from behind, knocking her over.

Roseville Police say out on the trails behind Summerhill Park, a woman fought off an attacker at around 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

News of the attack and the suspect’s escape has runners like Sheryl Raup shaken.

“I run at 4:30 every morning,” she said. “That’s scary to know, in Roseville, that happened.”

CBS13 stopped by Fleet Feet for a crash course on runner safety, including pepper spray that Dan Napieralski recommends women carry.

“If you have a nice small one, it’s easy access,” he said.

Much of his advice is easy to follow, including wearing reflective clothing, carry your phone and make sure loved ones know where you’re running.

But one piece of advice may be hard to hear.

“Try not to wear headphones,” he said.

You heard him. It’s unpopular, but the alternative can be dangerous.

“Because you’re tuning everything out. It’s gonna make it easy for someone to follow up on you,” he siad.

The Roseville moms, part of the local Moms Run This Town chapter aren’t running scared. Instead, they’re running together early on Thursday to take back the streets.

“We’re just out, trying to be in good shape and stay healthy, and be good moms and good people, and, you know, mind your own business and leave us alone,” Herman said.

Their message is clear—runners aren’t alone, and they don’t need to run alone, either.

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