BLUE CANYON (CBS13) — While the Sacramento area may not have seen much in the way of precipitation on Friday, low snow was a welcome sight in the Sierra, where many are already taking advantage of the conditions.

Anthony Harney and Jeremy McCaffrey drove up from Monterey to get some moonlit runs in at Boreal. The longtime friends were some of the hundreds to hit the slopes and take advantage of the weekend winter system.

“We have fun. We snowboard. We lose money or lose money. He teaches me a lot and we have some fun,” McCaffrey said.

While the snow, sleet and ice wasn’t quite as nice for drivers, parents like Todd Flynt say his four-wheel drive has come in handy.

“It tests your nerves a little bit, you’ve gotta be careful and watch your speed and distance and all that,” he said.

He’s traveling with his Nevada-based church group, some of whom aren’t exactly thrilled with the wet and white weather.

“It’s kind of crazy,” said Jacob Flynt. “You don’t really see the snow until you get out and open the door and go whoa – it’s snowing! It’s crazy. And then you think oh, I could have slipped off the road.”

But others say the the snow-packed roads are more palatable with certain road trip essentials.

“We have a TV here and we’ve got some candy in our bags,” said Joshua Beam.

With extra Caltrans crews on hand to clear the roads and more Sierra snow on the way this weekend, the flurry of fun will have people like Anthony and Jeffrey back for more.

“It’s mostly powdery out there,” Harney said. “There’s a little bit of ice in some spots but for the most part it’s really powdery. It’s really nice out there.”

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