NATOMAS (CBS13) — A Natomas woman showed off what she says is the aftermath of rats that made themselves right at home.

When she says her apartment complex didn’t believe her, she got video proof.

“Poop in my room, my kitchen, my bathroom, my hallways and here on the sofa,” said Raneeta Singh.

The disgusting droppings are everywhere she looks. She says it’s been miserable ever since the rodents moved in to her Natomas apartment in December.

“We have to cover the sofa because we have rats crawling on our sofa every night,” she said. “We have urine on our sofa and we have urine on our counters. I have to bleach every single thing in the morning.”

When she says Tuscaro Apartments wouldn’t let her out of her lease, Raneeta bought surveillance cameras to capture the rodents on video.

Video from Thursday night showing the countertop where she cooks shows what appears to be a rat crawling around the blender, scooping something up, and then scurrying off.

“We’re ready to get out and it’s been very painful,” she said. “We’ve been very sick.”

Her normal voice is long gone. She says she’s been sick ever since the rats arrived. She says she complained to her complex back in December. Pest control came several times to put traps down, but it didn’t work.

She says only after she showed apartment management the video that they agreed to let her out of her lease.

They want her to sign a lease termination agreement forbidding her from talking to a third party like a lawyer or media. She won’t sign it.

“I want whoever moves into this complex the next time to know there are rat issues,” she said.

A manager at the leasing office told CBS13, “At this time we are assisting the needs of our residents the best we can, and a corporate representative will be able to further comment at another time if necessary.”

Raneeta and her roommates are packing up, since it’s move-out day.

“If I didn’t have that camera recording, I wouldn’t be moving out. I would be stuck here again,” she said.

She’s determined to get her deposit back. But either way, she’ll be living somewhere else.