By Leigh Martinez

MANTECA (CBS13) — The city of Manteca has more than two-dozen commissioned art murals that are paid with both public private funds, and it doesn’t come cheap.

A CBS13 viewer says the art shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Manteca’s first mural was dedicated back in 2003. Since then, that number has grown to 30, and locals say it’s about time the city starts promoting its art.

At Billie Hills Hillbillie Barbecue, locals come for the food, but are often surprised by the view.

David Thomason and his daughter were surprised to hear that mural is far from the city’s only one in downtown.

The murals telling the city’s history aren’t cheap costing well over $15,000 each. The ones at Library Park were paid for by the city using the former redevelopment agency funds.

“We had a $65,000 budget from the city for these five murals,” said Norman Knodt, former president, Manteca Mural Society.

The nonprofit Manteca Mural Society now heads the mural projects, funded by donations. It’s currently working on a tribute to veterans.

A World War II mural is scheduled to be unveiled on Memorial Day. Along with a new mural, the society added a social-media person last week to promote the murals on Facebook and its website.

To help visitors and locals find all 30 murals, the society just made a brochure and map with information about the artists, the city and the people in it.


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