SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Investigators are looking into a possible road rage incident after one driver fired at another driver on Interstate 5 Tuesday morning.

A CHP spokesperson says a man was driving along Interstate 5 near Sacramento International Airport Tuesday morning when someone pulled up near him and shot at his car.

The driver then pulled into the airport and called 911. Deputies arrived, but could not find any damage on the vehicle. They were also unable to find the alleged shooter. They believe the shooting may have stemmed from an earlier road rage incident.

“He pulled over onto the shoulder, and as they passed, that’s when this road rage started. We don’t know what initiated it or what may have caused the individual or individuals to want to go after these victims,” said CHP spokesperson Sgt. Troy Rivers.

Investigators say the suspect was driving a gold-colored Toyota Camry with plastic bags over the passenger-side windows.


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