By Janice Daniels, CBS Sacramento

PALMDALE, CA – Last week, a teenage girl named Stephanie asked her boyfriend to prom in a way that seems more frightening than charming.

According to Daily Mail, while Stephanie’s boyfriend, Davyeon, was enjoying his breakfast in the Knight High School cafeteria, he was unexpectedly arrested by a sheriff’s deputy in front of all of his friends.

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He was then led out to a police car, with his girlfriend standing nearby holding a large sign that read: “Davyeon, can I cuff you at prom?”

While some Twitter responders thought this act was “cute,” it was “not ok at all” to others.

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When asked by Twitter followers if the stunt was real or not, Davyeon said: “Nah lol it was just a promposal as soon as I opened the door the poster was there.”

“Some are calling Stephanie racist for getting her unarmed black boyfriend arrested, but ignorant teenagers the world over are throwing their support behind her misguided plan, and she’s sticking it to the haters by retweeting many of her fans,” stated The Daily Dot in an article.

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See the handcuffed young man alongside his girlfriend’s prom proposal HERE.