Curriculum Specialist Kelly Krug sought out an extraordinary solution to ensure her sons, Ben and Sam, received the best educational opportunity available. She joined the staff of the California Virtual Academy (CAVA) at Sutter with her background in legal administration and education supporting K-5th grade teachers serving nearly 3,000 students and their families.

(Photo Courtesy of Kelly Krug)

(Photo Courtesy of Kelly Krug)

Krug earned her B.A. in Special Education and Multi-Disciplinary and Multiple Subject Studies from Western Governors University in Utah. She also holds an A.A. degree in Legal Administration from American River College, a California Administrative Credential, and is currently completing her Master’s in Education in Instructional Design.

“Before CAVA . . . my son, Ben, was a 4th grader who could not write a complete sentence, struggled with math, reading, and connecting in class. His teacher informed me, ‘Ben doesn’t want to talk.’ He often sat for hours at school, staring out the window or doodling. No one would listen to our concerns. Ben said he felt invisible.

Enter CAVA, countless hours of remediation, struggle, hard work, and a few tears. Ben made so much progress he was able to introduce an astronaut as a guest speaker in front of 300 people. At 14, he began taking community college courses, and at 16, he traveled to Europe to study World War II with Hillsdale College. At 17, he graduated from CAVA. At 21, he graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Science and now has embarked on a career in financial planning.”

What advice can you offer others entering such a practice or occupation?

“The field of education requires patience, passion, perseverance, and a positive attitude. You have to care. You have to see each child.

Realize you will never stop learning. You will always be in school. Education is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. You will have very bad days.You will feel exhausted, frustrated, and even a bit withered. Money cannot be your pursuit. Recognition cannot be your goal. You must humbly serve this tender population. The end result—seeing children thrive and reaching their potential—is the greatest reward.”

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