By Steve Large

VALLEJO (CBS13) — The search of a missing woman police say was kidnapped and being held for ransom is now centered on a section of the Mare Island waterfront.

Search dogs hinted at an area that could be related to Denise Huskins’ alleged kidnapping. Sonar has been deployed in the area, and divers could go into the water on Wednesday.

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“The intention is for the dive team to go into the water, and discover or I should say to look at what this object they’ve discovered to be, and at this point we have no idea what that is,” said Lt. Kenny Park.

A man reported Huskins was taken from his home overnight, but police say he reported the incident 12 hours after the alleged kidnapping. The unusual timeline is left unexplained.

“Unfortunately I can’t release that information,” Park said.

Huskins’ uncle says he doesn’t know who the man reporting the kidnapping is, and that Huskins, a 30-year-old physical therapist who moved to Vallejo to work at Kaiser, is a strong-willed woman.

“I will say she’s not they’re of person that will tolerate an abusive relationship,” Jeff Kane said.


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