VALLEJO (CBS13) — The investigation into the alleged kidnapping of Denise Huskins took another bizarre twist as someone purporting to be one of the kidnappers demanded an apology from Vallejo Police.

The 15-page email sent to the San Francisco Chronicle that was obtained by Huskins’ attorney includes threats against the police department, and a police spokesman.

While the question of whether or not Huskins really was kidnapped from her Vallejo home still lingers, public relations expert Doug Elmets says there’s little question police jumped the gun.

Huskins’ and her boyfriend’s attorneys have come out swinging, denouncing an almost immediate conclusion by cops that the kidnapping wasn’t real.

“What they did is turned a potential victim into a perpetrator overnight, and that’s not fair to really anyone,” he said.

The problem is police never really explained why the believed the story was fake, Elmets said, reportedly, and since then they’ve been silent. The silence may be the best tactic until they know the truth.

“From a public perception standpoint the Vallejo Police Department needs to lay low. They need to run the traps,” he said.

As for the emails, former FBI agent and computer forensics specialist Don Vilfer says the emails are likely being traced with little doubt the authors will be found.

“They may be gathering subpoenas to try to get information from the email services, or from a proxy that may have been used to send the email,” he said.

Vallejo’s mayor says the FBI is taking over the case completely, but neither the FBI or Vallejo Police could confirm that.


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