SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — If a devastating storm or emergency hits, many pet owners are faced with leaving their homes with little to no notice and no chance to bring their animals.

Now, Sacramento County has a portable pet shelter to call in when animal companions need help.

“We’ll hook this thing up and bring it out to a location that’s safe from the actual danger zone and our officers as well as members of the public can bring us animals from that affected area and we’ll set up temporary shelter,” said Sacramento County Animal Care director David Dickenson

The emergency response trailer can respond to floods, fires, earthquakes and more, and house between 50 and 100 animals depending on species and size. The $22,000 trailer can also be used for other animal-related incidents as well.

“In cases of large seizures in hoarding cases, animal cruelty cases, we can put this into use provided that there is an area that we could use to do it,” he said. “Hopefully we won’t have to put it to use very often, but we’re glad to have it here in case we do need it.”


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