After having built Meridian Systems to over 175 employees with customers like Turner Construction and AECOM, and successfully selling it to Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) in 2006, John Bodrozic is developing yet another winning IT firm as the co-founder of the technology start-up based in El Dorado Hills called HomeZada.

(Photo Courtesy of John Bodrozic)

(Photo Courtesy of John Bodrozic)

Bodrozic re-joined his Meridian Systems start-up pals Elizabeth Dodson and David Ing to automate home maintenance schedules, provide home remodeling planning templates, digitally managing photos, documents, receipts, etc. for insurance purposes and marketing this digital data online when selling a home for both homeowners and a professional version for realtors.

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The inspiration for HomeZada came from Elizabeth, who one day said “Meridian System’s software can help manage a billion dollar casino or football stadium online, but I can’t even manage my own home online.” The experience of developing online software combined with the pain of being un-organized with the data about our own homes, and not having enough data online when selling or buying a home, led to the product vision of HomeZada.

Bodrozic received his BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Notre Dame, and went to go work in Los Angeles for Turner Construction right after college. “It was based upon my degree and working for Turner Construction that led to the inspiration for Meridian Systems, and to start a software technology company.

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“Advice for technology entrepreneurs is to have a lot of passion and commitment around your idea, because the work effort is 2 to 3 times greater than your current job, and that passion will have to get you through the tough times.

“If you want to start a technology business, it is more likely to succeed with multiple founders. This means you have to find people with common values, commitment, and passion that gives the start-up business a better chance for success as different skills from the founders can focus on different areas. A technology co-founder can focus on building the product while a business development co-founder can focus on developing a go to market strategy and finding early customers and partners,” Bodrozic said.

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