Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is projected to be the No. 1 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Since 1998, 12 quarterbacks have been selected with the first pick of the draft. Those quarterbacks have combined for four Super Bowls, and three of those are credited to Peyton and Eli. The other one? Well, David Carr got a ring as the backup QB to Eli Manning.

1998-Peyton Manning-That worked out pretty well, right?

1999-Tim Couch-Couch played five seasons in Cleveland and they have yet to find their franchise QB. Since drafting Couch, they have spent three first-round picks on quarterbacks including Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden and Johnny Manziel.

2001-Michael Vick-Talk about a wild career. He brought excitement to Atlanta, ended up in prison and returned to claim a starting job in Philly. He’s now a free agent.

2002-David Carr-He was sacked an NFL-record 76 times during his rookie season. After flaming out in Houston, he went to Carolina for a season before becoming Eli’s backup in New York.

2003-Carson Palmer-The former Raiders QB has had a solid career despite some difficult injuries. He’s entering his 12th season and he’s coming off an ACL surgery.

2004-Eli Manning-Peyton’s younger brother has two Super Bowl rings. His numbers have gone down in recent years but you want your franchise QB to get you rings. He’s done that.

2005-Alex Smith-Remember Smith-Aaron Rodgers debate? Wow. Smith looked like a bust for years until Harbaugh showed up in San Francisco. He’s turned into a serviceable QB in Kansas City.

2007-JaMarcus Russell-Is he still looking to make a comeback?

2009-Matthew Stafford-How many quarterbacks would love to throw to Calvin Johnson?

2010-Sam Bradford-Injuries, injuries and more injuries. He’s in Philly for now.

2011-Cam Newton-That guy is tough, and has shown flashes of being a very good quarterback.

2012-Andrew Luck-No brainer.