Lemor Abrams is an Emmy-Award winning news reporter, who has interviewed thousands of people, from key political figures to everyday folks who impact their community. Her very first interview was with a former political prisoner, and her most memorable story tracked the life of a five-year-old boy on his journey to beat a rare form of cancer. Today, Lemor reports on major issues facing Californians, from the state’s water crisis to its combustible wildfire season.

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Lemor’s story begins in Southern California, where she was born and raised. It’s also where she got her start in TV News, first “behind the scenes” for the CBS/KCAL duopoly in L.A., and on camera at various L.A. cable stations including Santa Monica Television, Hawthorne, and El Segundo City News. Lemor moved on to continue her journalism dream in Reno, NV., at the NBC affiliate KRNV, where she broke her first big story about a county employee embezzling millions of dollars from the county’s water resources department. She also had the opportunity to interview former President Bill Clinton about the county’s infrastructure, when he visited a small town that was flooded after a levee broke.

Lemor soon returned to California, but this time to another avenue of news: online news. Lemor did voice over and field producing work for Yahoo! News and traveled up and down the West Coast for stories. From there, Lemor pursued a new general assignment reporting gig in Fresno, CA., where she covered a lot of agriculture stories! for CBS affiliate KGPE.
Lemor is a proud Bruin! She studied political science, communications, and media at the University of California, Los Angeles. She was also a reporter for the University’s television station, Bruin News 29!

A school trip to Jerusalem with students from around the world broadened her perspective and appreciation for faith. It also motivated Lemor to sharpen her Hebrew. (She now speaks it fluently). Upon her return from the Holy Land, Lemor helped her family open a House of Worship in Woodland Hills, CA. Beit Avraham continues to provide food and shelter to members of the community in need.

Lemor is also a dancer, yogi, foodie, and traveler. She has traveled all over Europe, and the Middle East, and especially loved floating in the Dead Sea, hiking the Masada at sunrise, and getting married in the historic city of Cesaria.
But her greatest accomplishment is her son, Matthew. Born in Sacramento, CA. Where Lemor now calls home. #sacpride!