PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) – It was the punch heard around the world.

A couple weeks ago, Ian Schwartz introduced us to Carl Moore: the man who punched a bear to save his dog.

Carl’s story got picked up by several internet sites like BuzzFeed and Mashable. It has over 700,000 views on YouTube. It’s one of the most-watched videos in the history of

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, watching while eating popcorn, even quipped that Carl should be their next security expert.

We know the story is delicious, but we wanted to know how Carl was dealing with all this international fame.

“The reaction has been fun yeah,” Carl said.

He has been on radio stations across the country.

“Radio station out of New York, Talk Radio Unleashed,” Carl said.

“Did you unleash on them,” we asked.

“Oh yeah, we had a great time,” Carl said.

There is even talk of a book deal and why not? This is his workout: he tosses up a 20-pound bag of buckshot and catches it a thousand times. He’s only an ax and a blue bull shy of being Paul Bunyan.

Pretty much the only thing he is afraid of is his 93-year-old mother.

“My mother saw it,” Carl said.

“What did she say?” we asked.

“Boy, you need to quit fighting bears. You are too old to fight bears,” Carl said.