ManTech Cyber Solutions International (MCSI) Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Raj Dodhiawala is in the business of cybersecurity software in Sacramento.

(Photo Courtesy of Raj Dodhiawala)

(Photo Courtesy of Raj Dodhiawala)

“We help organizations detect advanced malware that antiviruses and other methods cannot, enabling our customers to protect their digital information and IT assets,” Dodhiawala said. “We have groundbreaking, patented technology that delivers great value to our customers. We detect zero-days, rootkits and advanced persistent threats, or generally advanced forms of malware that is getting more sophisticated and stealthier by the day.”

Dodhiawala says his bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology-BHU in India and M.S. in systems and computer science from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge “opened doors for me that normally would not have opened. My major at ITT-BHU was enough to get me a highly coveted job at Tata Consultancy Services. When I was still at LSU, by virtue of my thesis and the associated research, I was offered a job at the advanced research lab at Boeing Computer Services well before I was ready to graduate.”

Dodhiawalaoffers says “knowledge, coupled with a keen sense of what is important to customers” is what it takes to be successful in cybersecurity. “The best of my experience, however, has come from extraordinarily talented people I have had the good fortune to work with. Many have helped me sharpen my skills, keep a well-rounded view of the business, and grow as an individual, within a team and within an organization. I strive to do the same with the teams I work with every day. So my advice is to seek out great teams to work with and learn from early.”

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