SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A major Sacramento freeway was shut down in the middle of the holiday weekend not by police or Caltrans, but some illegal stunt drivers.

This isn’t a parking lot or a drag strip, this is video from earlier this afternoon on normally busy Business 80.

People were walking on the highway while cars were spinning and drifting in circles as onlookers watched every move.

The scene is called a “sideshow.” For drivers, it meant sitting in traffic for upwards of half an hour.

“We’ll be investigating thing and going after these individuals,” said Officer Chad Hertzell with California Highway Patrol.

Hertzell says officers had a hard time getting to the location to break the stunt show up because traffic was stopped.

One motorcycle officer was able to cut through traffic and get one driver stopped and their car impounded.

And this isn’t the only one – officers reported another in North Highlands.

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“It’s not that difficult for them to lose control and hit one of the bystanders that are sitting out there recording all this stuff,” Hertzell said.

In fact, it was just last year that an illegal sideshow in Oakland went terribly wrong when a car plowed into a crowd of onlookers. CHP says they have received word there may be yet another traffic stopping illegal car show this long weekend. CHP says if a sideshow happens, call 911 and write down license plates.

But, even in frustration, CHP warns drivers to not attempt to break up the show yourself.

The drivers, if they are ever caught, could have their license or cars taken away.