MARYSVILLE (CBS13) — Thieves are targeting a Marysville group that helps disabled adults, stealing chickens three times in one month from the nonprofit.

Jennifer Van Buskirk made a devastating discovery over the weekend.

“They just pried it back and went right in,” she said.

Chickens that belong to the nonprofit Farm 2 Fork facility in Marysville were gone.

“It’s just like our family,” said Sheila Baggett. “They were our babies.”

Thieves have targeted the coop three times in the last month, making off with a total of 25 chickens. This last time, they cleared them out completely.

The chickens are raised from hatchlings by 27 disabled adults whose job it is to care for them every day.

“It’s really taught them a sense of accomplishment, and it’s really broadened their horizons of learning how to take care of something, because many of them don’t have the opportunity to care for another being, let alone an animal,” Van Buskirk said.

The recurring crimes have left them all in shock. It’s a tough lesson for these victims of foul play.

“It’s sad to explain that somebody bad out there just keeps doing this to them and it’s not right,” Van Buskirk said.

The facility is offering a $100 reward for each hen that’s returned.