STOCKTON (CBS13) – Police are on the hunt for cars used in illegal “sideshows” and have impounded one used in a recent, dangerous event.

The Stockton Police Department says officers spotted a sideshow going on at the Trinity Parkway shopping center parking lot back on March 29. One of the cars, a Corvette, was seen driving dangerously and doing donuts.

Officers tried to stop the car, but the driver peeled away and led them on a high-speed chase on Interstate 5. Due to the Corvette pushing past 100 mph, officers broke off their chase.

Tuesday morning, however, officers found the Corvette at a home along the 500 block of Curran in Sacramento. The car has been towed and impounded.

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“The Stockton Police Department’s message is loud and clear. We have a zero tolerance policy for people who participate in sideshow activity in our City,” police wrote in a statement posted to their Facebook page.

Early Tuesday afternoon, Stockton Police announced that they had found another truck used in a Stockton sideshow. It has also been impounded.

Around 3 p.m., motorcycle officers found a third vehicle — this one in Modesto — believed to be involved in the sideshow.

Sideshows have been an increasing problem in Stockton. Another recent sideshow from back in January saw people throwing rocks at police patrol cars that responded to break up the event. Two patrol cars were damaged in the incident.

Stockton Police note that they will impound any cars that participate in sideshows.