ROCKLIN (CBS13) – Some Rocklin parents are taking on their homeowners association, saying recent enforcement targets their kids. They’re facing fines if sports equipment is left outside.

The summer months are here, meaning Allison Carolan’s cul-de-sac will be crawling with kids during the daytime.

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“The number one reason we decided to move here was for the community and for the kids,” said Carolan.

Carolan knew she was buying a house within homeowner’s association rules, but she says in the past few months, Whitney Oaks Community Association has been cracking down on a rule that only allows sports equipment on the property when it’s “in use”. Otherwise, it must be put away out of sight. In the summer months, the equipment can be left in the front yard, but only during daylight hours.

“I really thought…that they wouldn’t actually enforce it to the point of fines,” said Carolan. “I mean, who really cares if a bike is left out on the grass?”

Carolan admits her kids, and sometimes neighbor kids, leave bikes and equipment on her lawn.

She has received warning letters — the most recent one threatening a $50 fine for the next violation. And continued violations could go up to $200.

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“I’ve been here for eight years and I’ve never heard them threaten fines like that before,” said mom Heidi Willsher.

Willsher has received warning letters too. The moms are even more disheartened by a Whitney Oaks newsletter in which management frowns upon putting out caution signs and cones for kids playing in the street.

“We don’t encourage them to stay inside and play video games,” said Willsher.

The newsletter says, “Please, for safety reasons, do not allow your household members to play in the streets.”

Carolan and Willsher think the rules should be loosened, and plan on making their voices heard at a board meeting tomorrow night.

We reached out to the Whitney Oaks Homeowner’s Association for its view on enforcing the rules. The company that manages the association says it can’t make a statement without board approval and did not have enough time to obtain a statement.

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We did speak with neighbor who did not want to be on camera who thinks the sports equipment rule should be enforced. She said the rules are in place to keep neighborhoods neat.