The NBA Finals begin on Thursday and will feature two of the biggest stars in the league. LeBron James, arguably the best player in the world, against Stephen Curry, possibly the best shooter in the world.

Will LeBron James finally bring a championship to Cleveland?

Will Stephen Curry and the Warriors with their first championship since 1975?

Our guys have weighed in with their opinions on how this series will go:

Scott Marsh (Host on Kings Talk):

I’m taking the Warriors to win in 6 games. The Cavs were good enough to win the Eastern Conference, but they are not good enough to beat the best of the West. LeBron James is the greatest player on the planet, but the injuries to Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving will prove too much for even the King to overcome. Look for the greatest back court tandem of our era, “The Splash Brothers,” to cut down the nets at Oracle and give the Bay Area their first title in 40 years.


Carmichael Dave (Co-host on the morning show):

This is a tough one.

The Warriors have the better team, but the Cavs have the best player alive. In basketball, one player makes up 20 percent of the offense AND defense on the floor, and can have more of an effect. But the Cavs are also missing a huge piece in Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving is 50 percent at best. In the end, I think depth and home court advantage move the meter, though, if the Cavs win, it will be a historical accomplishment for King James.

Warriors in 7.


Jason Ross (Co-host on the midday show):

Cavaliers in 6.  Once the Cavaliers added Shumpert, Mozgov and J.R. Smith they have had the best record in the 2nd half of the season along with the Warriors. Both teams have good defenses and great 3 point shooting, but only 1 team has LeBron James. That is why I am going with Cleveland to end their long drought. Maybe they can turn from the “mistake by the lake” to “believe-land”.


Cory Pfister (Co-host on the midday show):

The DUBS in 7. Feels like a magical year for Golden State. They have a new coach (Steve Kerr) they have the MVP (Steph Curry, the most exciting player in the NBA) they also have the supporting cast. The DUBS are not only deep, but their depth might be the key ingredient to the championship. Combine all that with the best OFFENSE and DEFENSE in the league, LeBron will lose again in the finals!

Nate Goodyear (Co-host on the midday show)

I’ve got the Warriors in six – the only hope for this to be a close series for Cleveland was if Klay Thompson missed time with his discussion. He isn’t going to, and the Warriors are better than the Cavs at every facet of the game. LeBron will turn in an epic Game 5 to fight off elimination, but it won’t be enough.