By: Anthony Bertacchi

Josh Reddick knows how to end a debate.

Right now, the Golden State warriors are in the middle of a series with the Cleveland Cavaliers. There are endless stories right now about who has the edge and what matters the most. People have even gone as far as to compare LeBron James to Michael Jordan because that’s what we do in the media. If anyone is anywhere in the vicinity of Jordan we try to compare a player to him only to have people on Twitter yell back at you with the fury of a thousand suns about the greatness of Jordan.

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Recently, Josh Reddick of the Oakland Athletics was asked to talk about the series and what he thought about it. After all, he plays in the same market as the Warriors and fans want to know these things.

Reddick responded by saying, “It’s a good story, nothing would please Warrior fans and the Bay Area more than to see the Warriors take down LeBron (James). Dethrone him. As good a player as LeBron is, he’s not unbeatable. He’s not Michael (Jordan). When’s the last time LeBron saved the earth from an alien race?”



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Ferris Bueller says it perfectly. No matter what analytical argument you want to make LeBron can never say that he and Bugs Bunny took on aliens three times his size and won a basketball game.

For those of you who don’t understand that reference, you need to see Space Jam. The movie came out in 1996 and for anyone in the age range of 22-30 that movie is a something you watched endlessly as a kid.

Here’s a clip for those of you who don’t remember Space Jam. You’re welcome.


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