ISLETON (CBS13) – The bodies of two men have been recovered from the Sacramento River Sunday evening.

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, a man reportedly jumped off the Isleton public docks near 1st and 2nd Streets around 1:30 p.m. The man then started to panic in the water after having some sort of issue and was swept downstream.

A man from then jumped into the water from a private dock to try and help the man, but both were soon overcome by the current and cold water.

DART, a Solano Marine Unit, Rio Vista Coast Guard and a Coast Guard helicopter all collaborated to try and find the men. However, sonar discovered the men’s bodies under about 13 feet of water.

“It’s sad. Somebody’s not going to be around tomorrow and somebody who tried to save him is also not going to be around. My heart goes out to their families,” said Dave Hartman, a man who regularly fishes at the docks.

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Hartman notes that the water can be deceptive.

“The current was going out at the time that this happened and it was a really strong current,” Hartman said.

Both bodies have since been recovered. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department confirms both men died of drowning.