Registered Nurse Therapist, Steve Metzger of Revive Therapy is the image of holistic healing with compassion. Metzger serves as an effective link between the AMA model, what his initial studies and health practices were steeped in, and the natural world of healing his life’s work has evolved into.

(Photo Courtesy of Steve Metzger)

(Photo Courtesy of Steve Metzger)

Metzger earned his RN from California State University Sacramento (CSUS) after completing his Bachelors of Science in Nursing. He went on to secure a masters in business administration that secured his work as a nursing manager at Kaiser Hospital for over 30 years. “Nursing and business skills are a powerful combination.”

Metzger embraced holistic healing and received advanced training in myofascial release, massage, craniosacral therapy and lymphatic drainage. He has many certifications in many women’s health specialties.

What is the specific focus of your current occupation?

“Revive Therapy specializes in myofascial release to relieve pain and immobility. Often I will work the front of the shoulder before the back of the shoulder because anterior tension is the culprit. Bodywork is a dance together with the client, allowing the body to do deeper healing. I educate, engage and encourage the patients, which stimulates the healing nature and power of the body to heal itself. People are starving for encouragement to heal. Encouragement and trust are essential to for deep healing. If there is a mistrust, there is a guard put up and I tell them we are wasting their time and money.”

Can you share a story with us that illustrates what makes what you do purposeful?

“A young woman had endometriosis so severe her doctor had prescribed a hysterectomy. She had wanted children so surgery was not an option. With her supportive husband, she came in for 14 sessions in 11 days. Halfway through they were able to experience pain-free intercourse, and enjoy it for the first time. This was two years ago and she is now in the second trimester of pregnancy and all looks good.”

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