SONORA (CBS13) – Police are looking for a woman who tried to hit a Sonora Subway worker with her car.

The incident happened Sunday evening at the Subway restaurant along S. Washington Street. Sonora Police say a customer confronted a worker at the store and said she didn’t like her sandwich.

The worker says the woman got angrier as confrontation continued, leading to the woman throwing her sandwich at the worker. Continuing the tantrum, the woman also threw her soda at the clerk.

Eventually, the woman (and a man who was with her) stormed out of the store and got into their car – with the worker in tow, on the phone with police.

Noticing the worker on the phone, the woman – who was in the driver’s seat – allegedly hit the gas and swerved to try and hit the worker. The woman has not been seen since.

Subway has released surveillance photos of the suspects. Anyone with information on who the two may be is asked to call the Sonora Police Department at (209) 532-8141.