By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The unveiling of Ronald Reagan’s statue at the state Capitol is giving former secretary of state George Shultz an opportunity to honor his old friend and boss.

Shultz, 94, is a professor emeritus at Stanford and a distinguished fellow at the Hoover Institute.

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“He enjoyed being underrated, because you’re underrated, people aren’t paying attention, you go right by them,” he said.

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Shultz served in Reagan’s cabinet and remembers him as a man with a vision, and someone that Republicans today could learn from.

In particular, on the controversial subject of immigration reform, he says his party is too focused on building walls.

“I think people understand we have to do a lot of work on immigration policy, but they’re all hung up on securing our borders, but I don’t think people understand what that means,” he said.

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Aside from politics, Reagan’s legacy is also about his charisma. In his statue, Doug Van Howd captured it using Reagan’s own clothing, down to his cufflinks and tie tack.