SACRAMENTO (CBS Sacramento) – Caroline “Tula” Cossey was the first transgender woman to have her pictures in Playboy magazine in 1991. When Caitlyn Jenner’s transition photo in Vanity Fair came out, the 60-year-old spoke about how shocked she was in Playboy magazine July/August issue.

Cossey was outed by a British tabloid News of the World which exposed the model’s secrets.

“There’s a difference between being known as Tula the transsexual international model versus just a successful model,” she says of avoiding media interviews for nearly 20 years, according to People. “It wasn’t the same. I felt like a circus act.”

She explains that she understands what Jenner is going through and that growing up she didn’t fit in.

“When I look back at it all, what I went through was tragic,” Cossey said, according to People. “But how do you deal with pain? You shrug it off. That’s the British way of doing it, at least.”

The Playboy issue with the full interview from Cossey is set to hit stands on June 26.