Alright, enough about the heat, everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.

Fortunately, Del Paso Country Club has plenty of trees in all the right places which makes for a managable experience at the US Senior Open.

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You might even catch a cool breeze every once in a while standing in the right spot facing toward San Francisco and the delta air conditioning.

So forget the heat and find something you can celebrate like bargain prices at the concession stands.

Yes I’m serious, one of the first things I notice was the very reasonable prices at the golf course concessions.

A $7 beer? A $3 PB&J sandwich? Was I suddenly transported back in time, obviously passing through some time warp portal?

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These weren’t movie theater prices, I certainly wasn’t at a Kings game holding a $12 Bud Lite.

With ice cold bottled water only $2.50 I had to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Turns out it’s no mystery at all. After talking to one of the vendors, he told me the USGA sets the prices.

Good for them, and all the heat suffering patrons that brave the summer sizzle for the rare spectacle of championship golf.

There may be high temperatures on the course, but there’s low prices at the concession stands. Celebrate that.

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