SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A good Samaritan chased down two teenagers who are accused of attacking an elderly woman and trying to steal her car.

“She’s got blood from her head down to her chest, she’s bleeding all over, and they are about to round the corner,” said Cody Hendrix.

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He opened his front door on Thursday evening after hearing a loud car crash outside. The elderly driver was hurt and two teenagers in her car took off down the street.

“I didn’t want them to leave; I didn’t want them to get away,” he said.

Police say he chased after William Dexter, 18, and a 16-year-old girl. Investigators say the teens flagged down the 73-year-old woman in the Raley’s parking lot off of Watt and Marconi avenues and asked for a ride home.

The elderly woman, a grandmother, agreed, and the teens led her to Eastwood Road where police say they attacked her with a crowbar.

Cody’s sister Chelsea Jones stayed behind to tend to the woman while her brother took chase.

“She had lacerations across her arms, she had to get 14 staples in her head, she had two large right here, one right here,” she said.

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In only his socks, Cody followed the teens for five miles through several neighborhoods, down busy roads and over fences trying to convince them to come back to the scene.

“There were times they would get too tired, and they would walk and I would walk with them trying to stop them,” he said.

An hour later, the chase ended at Del Paso Manor Elementary School where the teens sat down on a bench and suddenly surrendered.

“About three minutes later, I see the cop rolling through next to the park, the school and waved him down,” he said.

Cody says thinking about his own grandmother kept him going.

“If that happened to her I’d be distraught,” he said. “They picked a nice quiet street and it was the wrong street. I’m not a religious man but someone was watching out for her that day.”

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Dexter also had a warrant out for his arrest in Placer County. The 16-year-old girl was booked into juvenile hall.