By Ron Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Water conservation entrepreneurs from around the world are visiting Sacramento to share their innovative ideas with state officials.

Like contestants on a TV reality show, business owners pitched their water conservation ideas to each other.

Dan Morash, founder of California Safe Soil, is one of dozens of entrepreneurs serving up drought-busting solutions for California. His West Sacramento-based company takes food thrown in the garbage at local grocery stores and turns it into liquid fertilizer for Central Valley farmers.

“When you pour this in the soil it creates life in the soil and it helps to hold more water in the soil,” he said.

Presenters outlined the current state of water technology and highlighted where it’s successfully deployed across agricultural, residential and commercial sectors.

Other innovations include how to take recycled water at home and make it drinkable again or how to improve our ecosystem with even less water.

“The reality is California is in the middle of a very severe drought,” he said.


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