By Ron Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — New drought busting technology promises to generate water out of thin air, and lawmakers got a chance to check it out on Monday.

Matt Gray is the pitchman for Pacific AirWell Incorporated. His company produces the massive machines call atmospheric water generators.

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“We have a delivery system which allows for individual delivery systems to be full,” he said. “These units are ultra-efficient. They produce water from moisture in the air. So this units can produce up to 600 gallons of drinkable water per day.”

He says the drinking water coming from thin air is actually unseen humidity.

“Anywhere about 90 miles of the coastline we can easily run this. We only need about 30 percent humidity,” he said.

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The Sacramento-area-based company says it’s capable of producing fresh drinking water for state buildings and homeowners by collecting humidity from the air and then purifying it. They want lawmakers to see their vision.

“Lawmakers are very excited about it. That’s why we’re showcasing it at the state Capitol today,” he said.

If approved by the legislature, the water generators would cost taxpayers about $70,000 per industrial unit and $1,200 for the consumer size.

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The company says it has yet to sell any water generators in California. Company officials are hoping to get their first order from lawmakers for state buildings.