SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A couple was kidnapped, and then accused by police of making the entire story up, but now the Federal Bureau of Investigation is confirming their story.

The Vallejo Police Department is now in a public relations crisis mode, accused of incompetence and botching a high-profile kidnapping case.

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Denise Huskins’ boyfriend Aaron Quinn reported she had been kidnapped in March after both were allegedly drugged.

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When Huskins was found 400 miles away two days after her reported disappearance, Vallejo Police Lt. Kenny Park called the incident “a wild goose chase”, saying, “Mr. Quinn and Ms. Huskins have plundered valuable resources away from our community, and have taken focus away from the true victims of our community while instilling fear amongst our community members,” he said. “So if anything, it’s Mr. Quinn and Ms. Huskins that owe this community an apology.”

But after the FBI confirmed the couple’s story, their attorneys are asking for a public apology from the police department.

Retired FBI agent Jim Wedick says any alleged violation of rights by Vallejo Police against Huskins and her boyfriend will likely be settled at a civil level in a lawsuit.

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“I’m sure they’re not happy,” he said. “This is not something you want to wake up to. It was bad then, when they got into that public display, and now it’s being regurgitated.”

Wedick says action by the Vallejo City Council or a civil grand jury is also possible.

“The grand jury would have subpoena power, and they could bring in witnesses, to talk about how the police department handled the investigation,” he said.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office released a statement reading no federal investigation will take place, and that “As this investigation has proceeded, new facts have come to light, and investigators continue to gain a more complete understanding of the case.”

It also says it considers the police department to be a valued partner.

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So far, the police department has referred all questions about the case to the FBI.