Social work, a degree that many individuals in college don’t even think about, but for Diane Weber, it was a degree that opened her up to more opportunities than she could ever imagine and allowed her to pursue her passion of helping others by focusing on behavioral health. After helping, “returning injured soldiers in 2005 through the South Dakota National Guard,” Diane Weber started to pursue a model of meditative training by spending a week on “advanced mind-body” training. Armed with this model and her masters degree in social work, Diane Weber set out on a career of facilitating Mind Body groups all over Sacramento. Weber’s work has been used to help a variety of people with a wide range of issues, her model showing an observable change in symptoms for the better. Now, under Soul Wisdom Therapy, Weber continues her mission.

(Photo Courtesy of Diane Weber)

(Photo Courtesy of Diane Weber)

What does your job entail?

“I facilitate mind-body groups and empower others by teaching them mindful practices. I teach breathing techniques, meditation, and guided imagery.”

What parts of your job do you find enjoyable?

“When I see others gain awareness, and the ability to improve their lives I become thrilled. I call these moments my master card moments; they are priceless. I enjoy being with other people, learning and teaching.”

What was your education history like before your job?

“I have a master’s degree in social work, as well as a bachelor’s, with a minor in sociology. I went back to college as an adult after having been out of school for many years. I had left high school and got my GED, and found the job market not very broad.”

Do you think your education has prepared you to take this position?

“I truly believe my education was pivotal in preparing me.”

Do you have any advice for people wanting to pursue a similar career?

“I would tell anyone that wants to get into behavioral health to check out a degree in social work. The degree is versatile and employment opportunities increase tremendously.”

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