Francesca Banducci is the chief operating officer of Sway Group, a marketing agency that touts itself as a company who ‘smoke the competition.’ Prior to Sway’s acquisition of The SITS Girls, Banducci was instrumental in transforming the community into the largest and most influential network for women bloggers. Now, Banducci oversees all business operations for the firm based out of Sacramento.

(Photo Courtesy of Francesca Banducci)

(Photo Courtesy of Francesca Banducci)

What are your formal degrees?

“I earned an M.B.A. in marketing at California State University-Hayward. Before that, a Bachelor’s of Science from the School of Business and Economics and in Fermentation Science at the University of California, Davis.”

What are your accolades in your business management career?

“I was recognized early on in my blogging career, snagging multiple awards, including recognition by Nielsen Online as one of the ‘Top 50 Power Moms.’ Before joining the on-line world, my studies in viticulture and enology at UC Davis, and on the job experiences at a number of wineries in California and also Italy shaped my work ethic. Afterwards, I became employed at the biotech company, Genentech. All of these business experiences helped shape the work I now do as COO of Sway Group.”

What advice can you offer others entering the field of managing a business or campaign?

“Success is driven by engagement and nothing proves that more than the 90,000+ influencers now part of the Sway Group community.  An anecdote of my role in developing network channels is demonstrated by the sold-out Bloggy Boot Camp social media conference that was delivered to a full room of influencers eager to receive information on growing their business. You must be incredibly detail oriented and not afraid to get involved in all aspects of the business to make things are running as smoothly as possible.”

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